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How Drop Shipping Works for Terry Lu Apparel

Hunter Phelps

Drop shipping has become a popular method of distribution for many businesses around the world, including Terry Lu Naturals apparel. This approach is a supply chain fulfillment method in which the retailer does not maintain stock; but instead, transfers customers’ orders directly to the manufacturer of the product, another retailer, or wholesaler. It allows the manufacturer to ship goods directly to the customer without having to touch any inventory. Drop shipping is extremely beneficial to business owners because we do not have to worry about stocking up on massive inventory.

Although Terry Lu Naturals is known for our natural hair and skin care products, we also understand the importance of spreading the word about our brand. Therefore, we offer t-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies to highlight our products ( Terry Lu Naturals apparel is made of soft cotton and polyester, providing much-needed comfort to our customers. We encourage you to visit our website and explore our wide array of apparel, which is available in many different styles and colors.

Before releasing Terry Lu Natural’s apparel, we brainstormed how we would maintain the perfect amount of inventory for our customers to avoid overstock. One idea was the “made to order” model, but the set-up costs would not render a good business model. This led us to explore the benefits of drop shipping.

When customers order Terry Lu Naturals apparel via, we send a fulfillment request to our manufacturer and they ship your order directly to you. We never touch a single piece of clothing unless we are ordering it for ourselves. Of course, if there is ever any issue, we will investigate, resolve, and provide you with 100% customer satisfaction.  

If you are looking to start a business without inventory, drop shipping might be the right method for you. We are blessed that our customers love our Terry Lu Naturals apparel, and we enjoy providing it without inventory.

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