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Honoring Terry and Lucille

Hunter Phelps

Many of my closest friends who have always referred to me as Hunter are now beginning to call me Terry Lu. Moreover, several of my Terry Lu Naturals customers assume my name is Terry Lu or Terry. In reality, Terry Lu Naturals is named after my two amazing grandmothers, Terry and Lucille.

In 2017, deciding what to name my business was probably one of the hardest aspects of starting my company. I wanted to choose a name that was unique and would differentiate itself from my competitors. Family is very important to me, because without them, I would not be the person I am today. Let’s face it, there is something extra special about grandparents.

I am blessed to have all four of my grandparents still living. Daily, I am comforted knowing they will provide me with love, knowledge, and wisdom to help me continue living a successful life. Oftentimes, grandparents take better care of you than your parents because they raised your parents and taught them how to be good parents. I am blessed to have great parents and grandparents. 

As I began mixing the names of my four grandparents, James, Terry, James, and Lucille, I knew that my grandmothers combined names was a winner, as Terry Lu sounded like a cute, warm southern brand. My two grandmothers, Terry and Lucille, have greatly impacted my life in so many ways. I can always count on them for everything, and I am so blessed to have both of them healthy and very active in my life.

When I go over Grandma Lucille’s house, I can always expect to get fed some of her awesome food, and she always makes sure I have everything I need. Most of the time my hands are full of items when I leave her house. When I go over Granny Terry’s house, I can expect a funny story, a warm hug, and many valuable life lessons.

As I sit and think about everything my two grandmothers have done in my life, I get very emotional. Honoring them through my business name was the least I could do to keep their legacy alive. Terry Lu Naturals is more than just a business to me, it is my brand that honors my grandmothers, Terry and Lucille—two extraordinary women who have influenced my life tremendously. 

So now, when you hear the name Terry Lu Naturals, I hope you not only think of me, Hunter, as the founder; but please also be reminded of my two grandmothers Terry and Lucille, who deserve all the love and respect I can give them.

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