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Terry Lu Naturals' Lastest Product: "Born to Grow Hair Oil"

Hunter Phelps

Oil is undoubtedly one of the most essential items within the bucket of hair and skin care products. It does an amazing job of moisturizing and revitalizing. Hair oil, in particular, can aid in both hair growth and retention. Many fail to realize that even though your hair might be growing, if it is not properly moisturized, it can begin to break off.  Therefore, you must moisturize your scalp and hair strands properly to achieve good results and hair retention.  

As a team, we try to give the Terry Lu products unique names that also explain the product that is being sold. The name “Born to Grow Hair Oil” was created by my mom, Shirelle. I knew that I wanted to create an oil that promotes both hair growth and retention, but I struggled to find the perfect name. As my mom and I brainstormed, she thought of the phrase “Born to Grow.” In all aspects of our life we grow in some way. We start off as babies and grow through our parental teachings; we grow academically, by watching the news, reading, and via our own personal experiences. Growth is an integral part of our success.

"Born to Grow Hair Oil" contains an awesome blend of oils that are infused with horsetail and fenugreek powder, which promote hair growth and retention. As we release our newest product into the market, we are hopeful our customers will enjoy the benefits of our oil, as they do with our other products.

For more information regarding Terry Lu Natural products and to interact with us, follow our social media accounts @terrylunaturals and visit us at  You are “Born to Grow!” 

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